Why is Lent for Lovers?

It is not Lent yet, but we are already anticipating its arrival on February 14th. Why are we already talking about Lent? What does it have to do with love?

Anticipation! All forms of love draw us past ourselves and to something else. True love is filled with anticipation. The joy of the future is already present because of its movement on the heart now. Lent is itself a season of anticipation. It anticipates the new life found in Christ’s death and Resurrection. Here two months before Lent even starts, we can anticipate the intensity of that season.

Love does not need to be all roses and chocolates and candies, because the sweetness of the beloved is already found in the heart. The love Jesus Christ and the longing for God in the desert is the whole reason for the penance of Lent.

In longing for Christ, we already begin to enjoy the life of heaven.